The Book Bunch
The Book Bunch


Here are some of the things past pupils have said about my teaching style - I think most of them are a bit true!!

Joe, Year 8
"Mrs Sabben-Clare is... inspiring, informative, caring and her classes are always entertaining. Her passion for literature and upbeat personality has inspired me more frequently."

Laura, Year 10
"I loved having you as my English teacher, some of my best memories from school are in your lessons!"

Morven, Year 9
"Thank you so much for being the most enthusiastic English teacher and making me enjoy a lesson I normally wouldn't. You have made me see a whole other side of English which I enjoy."


Bailey, Year 8

"Every single lesson is enjoyable."


Millie, Year 8

"When the notorious news came to me that you were leaving to start up your reading workshops, pejorative thoughts about English made me a pessismist. As you can see, I am looking at my 'Word Bank' using words you've taught us, so far with little optimism. I won't go off on a tangent, I am just trying to emulate your techniques."


In September 2017 I ran the course at Robin Hood Primary School in Kingston. The 10 pupils who attended were extremely positive in their response to much of the literature we read together. They particularly loved Winnie the Pooh and the tales of Sinbad!

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